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Do you use floral foam in your designs?

- No, we never work with floral foam. It's extremely harmful to the environment and completely avoidable. We will always use alternative materials for mechanics such as wire and moss.

Where do you source flowers from?

- During the British flower season, we source a lot of our blooms from local flower farms (which are all within half an hour of our studio). We do not solely rely on locally grown flowers though; in order to be able to create floral designs year-round we will source flowers from other growers too.

Can you provide flowers for the bridal party only?

- We can provide flowers for micro weddings/bridal party only, but in order to be able to source flowers in a good enough variety and quality to create our aesthetic, we do have a minimum spend of £500 here. Please do read our blog post about the cost of wedding flowers here.

What's the process for booking Flossea for wedding flowers?

- We have a really simple form for couples to fill out, following which you'll receive a quote within 48 hours. If you want to go ahead and book, we take a 10% non-refundable deposit to secure your date. We'll then work with you to get an understanding of your inspiration and reference points, and create a bespoke mood board. There are no limits on feedback rounds, we will keep working with you until you are happy with the design proposal.

How long do you hold my wedding date for after I receive the quote?

- As we do receive a high number of inquiries for weddings and events, we will hold the date for 7 days after your quote. Once the deposit is paid, it's all yours.

Do you have set prices/packages for weddings?

- No, as all our designs are completely bespoke and unique to each client, we do not have fixed pricing. All our quotes are tailored to your specific requirements.

I've received a Flossea gift bouquet, how do I look after my flowers?

- Once you've unpacked your bouquet, trims all the stems at a sharp angle and fill a vase 2/3rds full with clean water. You can leave the bouquet tied as it is if you like. Make sure any foliage beneath the water line is removed to stop bacteria building up. Place the flowers somewhere out of direct sunlight and change the water every 2-3 days.

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